Kraków looking for bass player


we’re two guys playing in Krakow (I’m Slovak – guitar, drummer is Polish) who
like playing heavy music (let’s say heavy/power metal mixed with a bit of
thrash and sometimes we manage to squeeze a couple of nordic-like melodies out
of us:), we just like metal and like playing it, so if you feel like interested
to join us in our metal efforts, write to (English or
Polish, I understand it very well but I do not write that well)

good riff and melody is what counts and what is most important – we do it for
fun and, hmm, for the joy from the music

Wiesz po co są te ikonki?

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  1. 1. Add to the title [Krakow], our statute demands it :)

    2. Do you have some samples/recorded songs? Id be interested.
  2. 1. OK:)

    2. just my own videos, we havent recorded anything together yet:

    what do you think?:)

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