In search for Mayones 4-strings bass guitar

Discuss options for buying 4-strings bass guitar MAYONES with the possibility
of sending in Finland.

budget of approximately 3800

Wiesz po co są te ikonki?

Wpisy są prywatnymi opiniami poszczególnych autorów.

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  1. correction

    custom MAYONES
  2. Well, as Mayones is more of a luthiers manufacture than a company selling
    specific models of basses, best thing for you to do would be sending them an
    e-mail (Im sure, they speak english :) ) with your expectations regarding
    sound, looks and such. We sure do not know what would you want from your Kustom
    bass, so we cant really discuss anything. Should you give us some more info
    about what kind of music you want to play or a general character of the sound,
    we could be a little more helpful.

    Of course, some people here think that Mayones basses are a bit overpriced
    (like Jabba for example)

    ... and thus Basoofka became
    international :D

    EDIT: Was "answer_me" nick already taken? :D
  3. Well I think you wont be able to buy new Mayones Kustom for 3800, they
    became pretty expensive recently - customs are more like 13800 than 3800.
  4. to mazdah

    Im not crazy) for the money I need is not new
  5. to Klonky

    on Basoofka i find two ads but the price
    did not suit me. There are several options-

    1) Ill wait until i get ads and offers here (because mayones is a rare

    2)f you write me a couple of Polish (why Poland will not explain=)) music flea
  6. Well, you can look there

    There are few nice basses there:

    We can help you translate if you want

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