Mayones or not?

is it Mayone or not it?

maybe just old model….

i need a link to the cataloge or another discription)




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  1. You should contact Mayones:
  2. i answer from them(
  3. Headstock looks weird as for Mayones. You betta contact them (
    before purchase mate.
  4. yes, i think the same!

    and of course wait for a response from them))

  5. It looks like Mayones tribute, kind of Be-4 (old one) model, but they were oil
    finished, and of course different headstock. Mayones also didnt use "wood-like"
    pots and pickup covers. Even the body wood doesnt look like amazque from Be-4.
    Id say its a copy.
  7. It COULD be Mayones body with a neck taken from some other guitar (or made by a

    I would also recommend waiting patiently for a response from Mayones. Maybe
    theyve got a lot of work ATM so they cant answer you.
  8. So owner of this bass claims that this is an original Be4 with shortened
    headstock. The high-polish finish is very not Be4-like but if we take into
    consideration that owner wanted to have half of headstock chopped off we might
    as well assume that he wanted to change looks of the instrument (knobs, pick-up
  9. That weird headstock might be an effect of somebody trying to make it look
    somehow after it fell and piece of it chipped off.

    Here, look at this:

    In my humble opinion, its definitely an attempt (failed or not) of fixing
    broken headstock.
  10. Answer from Mayones Info


    Its not Mayones bass. I dont know what is it, sorry.
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